Plot: outsmart machines while you're on the can

Guess what? I've entered the final stretch on development, so it's time for a visual announcement:

Yup, December 12, 2018. (And a new logo, if you hadn't seen it yet.) That means Plot will be ready to distract you through any holiday boredom you might experience.

But what is Plot again, exactly?

Plot is a turn-based puzzle game with a post-apocalyptic narrative, featuring hand-drawn 2D animations. You will be able to download it for free to try out the first five levels. If you want to keep playing after those, you'll be able to get the full game (20 extra levels and a plot) for €1,5 (plus VAT equivalent taxes; in Belgium that translates to €1,79). The whole experience is ad-free.

Plot is Saffron Streams' second title, and because of my development constraints, it will only be available on Google Play.* Furthermore, due to complexities of tax laws, and Saffron Streams being a one-man show, Plot will only be offered in those countries where currently VAT (or its equivalent) is handled automatically.

That means Plot will be available in the following countries: all European Union member states, Albania, Australia, Belarus, India, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and, of course, the United States.

A little side-by-side comparison of the old and the new logo. Feel free to comment on why you like the new one better. 😍

The old, convoluted logo.
The new, simplified and fresh logo.

* This should be the last game with that caveat. For the next game, I am going to switch to the Unity platform for development, which should allow for cross-platform releases.