Coding nature's cruelty - week seven of making a video game

Lots of new things this week, but most importantly: we have finally decided on a name for the game (the missus helped out by pointing out why the other suggestions were terrible).

May I introduce you to the brand new logo:

(Read in English, not Dutch.*)

The developments of this last week really helped us to home in, to find a name that was on-brand. As you might have guessed from this update's title, I coded the logic for the game behind the game you've been seeing screenshots for up til now.

The schtick of the game is that it becomes your solemn duty to manage a family of birds, both adults and freshly spawned chicks. It is up to you to make sure those little dumplings grow up strong. You need to feed those chicks.

Now nature is nature. All chicks start up being a bit peckish, up for a little snack. You can take an adult bird and go out and hunt for food, but watch out, you're not the only one hunting. And you're not exactly on top of the food chain.

Made it back? Great, now those chicks get some food. Oh, you didn't bring back enough to feed them all, and you're hurt so you can't go back out before you've rested. Well, it's enough to feed some of those chicks. The rest will do fine until tomorrow, right? Only, a chick that has not gotten its food for a day will have less strength to fight off its siblings and will eat last. Better hope you manage to catch enough next time. 

You might be catching on to what I mean by nature's cruelty. Well, it's not very Christian, is it?

So, progress. This is week seven, only one week left to go before this gig is no longer full time. I should be able to finish implementing the metagame before then, but what then? 

I still need to: implement overlay screens to give the player information when first playing; finish sounds; configuring the action part of the game so it's fair but increasingly challenging; implement ads (which ones are best for not irritating players but still generating some revenue?);  make a little store (to get that ad-free experience or support this indie studio); and of course, the about/credits page. Oh, and some bug fixing, the resizing to avoid Out Of Memory errors still isn't sufficiently on point for some devices. 

Most of those things won't take as long to implement as what the screens I've worked on so far, but it's still probably two extra weeks of full-time work. What that means for the actual ETA, I don't know yet. But if you keep reading these updates, you'll be one of the first to know when I do.

*Some might read it as the Dutch for "bread", as I presume it is still the mother language of many of our readers. But really, it is the English for "broed".